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Buying & Selling Tips

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Advice for SELLERS:

- USE PHOTOGRAPHS. Photographs sell your product. We've allowed for FOUR for each item. Make use of this facility, or you could just find you are overlooked by the people who do. We just cannot say this enough...!! And now we've added a free video function too, so that if you have a high value item, like a nearly new power wheelchair or a Woodstar ATC, you can upload and display a short clip showing us round the item and see it working. It all helps a potention buyer get a fuller picture of what you are selling. Videos are embedded from YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, etc.. You just need to make sure you put the Embed code into the box and click 'Upload' on the images page when Listing Your Item. If you need help, ask us: we're friendly people! 

- BE DETAILED. Most of buying privately is having confidence in the buyer and the product. If you have taken the trouble to describe what you're selling, a buyer can feel reassured about investing their time to look at what you are offering. Listings should be clear, honest & detailed - it makes it easy for the buyer and saves wasted time and disappointment - on BOTH sides!

- Scams are a nasty part of the world. We have created two pages to help you PROTECT YOURSELF. Please DO read them, and if you suspect you have been targeted, please do tell us, so we can warn others. Scammers tend to go for easy targets, so we try to ensure that's not you!

- USE THE AddThis SHARE FUNCTION on your listing. If you are a social media user, click on the AddThis button on your page and click on the image that's relevant to you and ask all your friends and family to do the same. This way, using Search Engine Optimisation, more people will get to find out about your item for sale, increasing chances of a satisfactory sale. Want more info? Contact Us ...

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- POSTAGE & DELIVERY: make it easier to buy your item. For the items that don't necessarily need a trial or closer inspection, considering shipping may make a potential buyer look at your item more closely. Delivery around the UK is very easy. Smaller items (less than 2kgs) go cheaply & easily via Royal Mail, and bigger items can be sent easily & cheaply via courier.

You just need to box it up and then go to a site such as www.interparcel.com - or if posting internationally, we have found Transglobal Express to be very competitive and with good customer service - fill in the weight and box measurements, and choose service & cost you would prefer to pay. There is no obligation at this stage. (Please note you may find a cheaper online booking agency - please tell us! - and whilst we use this service, our mentioning it here does not constitute responsibility should you choose to go with them). They also offer a palletised service for larger items. We recommend that you always use a service which offers proof of delivery and insurance. This way there can be no doubt about whether an item has arrived or not, and if something does go wrong, you're covered.

And if something is so big it needs to be put on a pallet to get there, don't worry. It's still easy to do. Couriers come to your door. It really is that easy! And Interparcel.com (among many others) offer a pallet shipping service. Again, we cannot stress this enough: make a transaction easy for your buyer, which includes getting an item to them.

Another website you could try is www.anyvan.com - this is a delivery auction site, so you provide details of what you want moved and to where, and providers bid for the job. You can then select a provider based on cost and reputation (website uses a feedback system).



Advice For BUYERS:

- Be certain that what you are thinking of buying is right for you! Sounds obvious but buying cheaper kit that turns out to be wrong is a false economy! There are plenty of organisations that can advise and offer assessments. You can take advantage of these and then search for 2nd hand and used mobility & disability equipment. Why not start by looking at the Disability Living Foundation which is a national charity that provides impartial advice, information and training on daily living aids. Another website to look at is the new www.AllAboutEquipment.org.uk which is a service funded by the Department of Health.

- Use the Search By Price & Distance buttons, when you've clicked into the correct category, to ensure you find what's most local to you at the best price for you.

You do need to be registered and logged in for the Distance feature, but a look at our T&C's will show we have no interest in spamming you or sending unsolicited marketing. We run this site as we like to be treated. If you DO wish to receive updates, you need to Opt In.


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