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Parenting and Disability

Parenting and Disability is a huge topic of varying needs and requirements. There is a massive and growing amount of support and information in the form of websites, forums and support groups. As a generalisation, those living it become the experts and user-led websites are becoming more common, and the longer they have been online, the greater the wealth of support and experience. It may be that you start on a general site before finding something specific to your own situation.

We'd like to help signpost people to websites. So please feel free to email us if you know of a link that could help others.

Remember that we have a Children's Equipment section in our Free-Ads which is for kids with disabilities AND children with special needs. Buying on here could save you money, and selling (or donating) on here may help you reclaim space as your child grows out of equipment and pay for the next piece of equipment. There are many forums where you can ask other parents what equipment works and what doesn't. 

If you are a wheelchair user and about to have, or already have, a child, there is equipment (mainstream & specialist) which can help you. A wonderful website ParentsInWheelchairs.com set up by Ali Gibson - a full time wheelchair user - who felt that the support & knowledge wasn't there when she was pregnant and wondering how she would cope with the practicalities after birth. It offers wonderful advice and lots of beautiful photographs and videos. 

http://www.netbuddy.org.uk/ is an award-winning site for swapping practical tips and information on all aspects of supporting people with special needs. It has over 1,000 tips from people with first-hand experience of learning disability, autism and special needs.  Brushingteeth, challenging behaviour,  bed-wetting, constipation  ... there's a tip for that!


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