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** On this page you will find options for selling and/or donating both power and manual wheelchairs **

Please feel free to use DisabledGear.com to sell or donate your manual or power wheelchairs to others. Once you list your item with us, regular users will be able to see your item and get in touch, and others looking on the web will be able to find you as a result of all the work we do on our Search Engine Optimisation.

When listing your item, have a look at our USER TIPS to get the most out of your Listing, and maximise the chances of a quick and easy transaction. Getting your decription right will help give potential buyers confidence in you.

However, if you simply want to donate your old wheelchair to a good cause, rather than try selling or donating via a Classifieds website, there are a number of other options for ensuring that your old wheelchair or powerchair goes to a good home and benefits someone else.


Physionet is a charity based in Yorkshire, England set up in 2005 to provide physiotherapy equipment to disabled children in Eastern & Central Europe and in developing countries round the world. All equipment is donated and it is refurbished prior to shipment. 

You can download their latest newsletter here to read about the work that they do.

Or get in touch with them via their Contact Page.



"Can I donate my old wheelchair to Wheels for the World?

We are always grateful for donations of folding manual wheelchairs such as children’s chairs and chairs with extra facilities (reclining, one arm drive, elevating leg rests etc).  We can also take non-NHS folding wheelchairs – ideally self-propelled (with two large back wheels rather than all small wheels).

Due to transportation issues and conditions in the destination countries, Wheels for the World cannot accept powered wheelchairs or wheelchairs that don't fold flat.  However, if you are able to get the wheelchair to Epsom or Aldershot, we can arrange for it to be refurbished and passed on to MAD-Aid for sending to Moldova.

We don't have our own fleet of vans (or even a single van!) so we ask people, where possible, to deliver donated wheelchairs to Storage King, Epsom (Surrey) or Aldershot (Hampshire) - please contact us for further details.

We have an active Wheels for the World team in Northern Ireland. To donate wheelchairs within NI, please contact NI Coordinator Carol Mills.

Wheelchair donors within the USA should contact cnoell@joniandfriends.org



"The Wheels for Africa Appeal is a joint project run by the UK Charity’s Through The Roof and The Terence Mills Trust, which was started up in 2005 to help deliver wheelchairs to Disabled Peoples Organisations in Africa. To date the Appeal has sent out hundreds of light weight wheelchairs to Ex-British West Coast African Countries, The Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. The problem in these countries is that there is no social support or government funding for their disadvantaged and disabled people, the poorer people usually have to beg on the streets to survive. A suitable wheelchair not only helps these people to lead healthy everyday lives but also opens up new opportunities and possibility’s for individuals to live an independent responsible life, no longer being considered as burdens and outcasts from society, gaining education and employment as valued members of their community.

We desperately need your help in the form of contributions to enable us to provide Wheelchairs For Africa.

We also need wheelchair spare parts and wheelchairs which are no longer in use but which are in good order for our volunteers to repair.

It costs £400 each pallet when shipping wheelchairs to Africa- The Gambia. We are always looking for volunteers to help us in many ways, i.e. Drivers (to pick up Chairs), Website Designers, Fundraisers, Coaches and Therapists for in-country assessment. Contact us if you would like to help make a difference."


A Wheelie Good Idea!

Based at Clynfyw Care Farm, Abercych, the Wheelie Good Idea uses old and unwanted independent living aids and mobility equipment which we collect, refurbish and export to Africa. They plan to send two shipping containers out to Durban, South Africa each year.

Much of the equipment comes from personal donations—equipment that is no longer needed. If you live in west Wales and have any kit that needs a good home, get in touch with them. 

This project is funded by their Community Apple Juicing Initiative. (If you have trees and would like the apples juiced, or if you like good quality apple juice, please let them know!)

Clynfyw Care Farm: 07980 290522 

Clynfyw CIC is a social enterprise featuring a series of microenterprises manned with support by people with learning disabilities and other vulnerable groups. 

If you have a powerchair that you wish to donate, get in touch with the Brighter Future Workshop who are an excellent organisation and charity.
Brighter Future Workshop is an award winning, not for profit charity specialising in recycling, repairing and reselling of mobility equipment. We also give the opportunity for young, disadvantaged and disabled people to work with us to help recycle the equipment that is donated. 

Using donated and recycled mobility equipment, we train young disabled and disadvantaged people to learn how to find and fix mechanical and electrical faults. The young people who work with us gain a real sense of purpose and many social and practical skills in a supportive working environment.
BLESMA is an excellent and can-do organisation set up to help British Limbless Ex-Service Men & Women and very often they are only too pleased to be able to take a serviceable wheelchair, powerchair or scooter for the people they help. Get in touch with them via their BLESMA Contact Us page.
DEMAND is a charity dedicated to helping people with disabilities that require bespoke equipment to help them with their everyday lives. They transform the lives of people with disabilities – of all ages and with all types of disability. And they would also welcome donations of unwanted or unserviceable equipment from private and public sectors. This equipment can be recycled in a number of different ways, all of which can benefit their disabled clients.
PHOENIX PROJECT is a charity which co-ordinates the collection of used mobility independant living equipment which they refurbish and ship to St Mark's approved projects. St Mark operates a number of projects offering health and social care in Egypt and Sudan. In addition to providing equipment the Phoneix Project has provided jobs and volunteering opportunities for local disabled people here in Warrington.
Another option - albeit not a charity - is www.sport-mobility.com who buy, sell, refurbish, repair and break for spares, sports and everyday wheelchairs. Their website says they can... 
...help you sell your items with no hassle and no weekly fees. There is no time limit to sell your product. When we get an enquiry about your product or have sold it we will contact you.

Contact us on adverts@sport-mobility.com and tell us what you have for sale and the details. Don't worry if you do not know what details to send us, we weill contact you back and ask for specific details.

We will advertise your product for you until sold, all for 10% of final selling fee.

Telephone Paul Lines at Sport-Mobility on 02476 318445 or go to their Contact Us page.

If you have any other special needs or disability equipment that you want to donate to those in need, have a look at this appeal:
Should you be listed here? Get in touch and tell us....


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