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Mountain Trike

Mountain Trike – the all-terrain wheelchair company

These revolutionary all-terrain off road manual wheelchair products allow wheelchair users to enjoy the freedom and independence to travel off the beaten track and explore the great outdoors with friends and family.  Enjoy trips to the park, woodland trails, travel over sand, mud, snow and even tackle urban obstacles such as cobbles and kerbs in comfort and style.  The unique lever drive system means your hands stay clean and dry whatever the weather.

The fabulous X-country Mountain Trike standard model (Full Size)

The Mountain Trike is the brainchild of Tim Morgan, an award winning British design engineer. Tim recognised that in their standard format wheelchairs are almost impossible to use on the majority of woodland and country paths and designed the world’s first, truly all terrain wheelchair that is practical and off road capable.  Using his skills as a design engineer and his passion for sport Tim created the ‘Trike’ which has many components to that of a mountain bike.

What makes this all terrain wheelchair special is now it’s made and some features are customizable.  The key feature is a unique lever drive system that allows the user to power, steer and brake the Trike using two levers which are positioned in front and keeps the user’s hands clean and dry in all weathers.  The levers are connected to the wheels using similar technology to that found on a mountain bike and power each wheel independently.  A third wheel on the back stabilises the chair and can be steered using a joystick mechanism attached to one of the levers.  Independent air suspension enables travel over rough and uneven ground in comfort and safety and hydraulic disc brakes give all weather control. The frame is adjustable, the foot rest can be raised or lowered and the seat can be moved forwards or backwards allowing for maximum fit.  You can even choose your own custom coloured frame.

Users range from those who may be suffering from a spinal cord injury, lower limb loss or who have MS – the Trike allows the rider to experience the countryside from trips to the park to climbing a mountain!

Bryan Keene from Colorado in the USA, says, “I want to thank you for your invention, my Mountain Trike has changed my life – there are so many awesome places the Trike can go and I am excited about the adventures that lie ahead”. 

Mountain Trike user Bryan Keene from Colorado enjoying his off-road Mountain Trike (Full Size)

Richard Brooks from  West Yorks in the UK is now able to enjoy days out with his family and sums up his Trike experiences in one word “Freedom”.

Mountain Trike user Richard Brooks enjoying the freedom of his Mountain Trike (Full Size)

Before her injury Laura May from the UK used to love the outdoors, she rode her bike, walked, climbed trees, when she first tried the Mountain Trike she was amazed at the technical ability, Laura says, “For the first time in years I actually felt ‘that feeling’ again of being able to roll fast, down difficult terrain and just enjoy it! I have tried hand cycling in the past and each time hated it because to me it simply does not feel like a bike, but the Mountain Trike is what it is – it’s a Trike! Mountain Trikes aren’t just about getting over mountains and cross country trails, they’re also a tool for getting around with friends, family and dogs over terrain that would otherwise in a chair be a lot more challenging.  They are great for leisurely walks over fields, forests and beaches, as well as being a fantastic cross trainer for your pectoral muscles and triceps - I love my Trike! “ 

Mountain Trike user Laura May enjoying her cross country Mountain Trike (Full Size)


For more Mountain Trike customer testimonials take a look at the video which helps highlight some of the benefits customers and users of the Mountain Trike have found and the adventures they are enjoying:

To see if the Mountain Trike is suitable for you follow the link to the ‘Is It For You’ video which offers a step by step guide and advice on how to ride the Mountain Trike:


There are two other products are also available in the all-terrain wheelchair range…

The MT Push is a ‘buddy’ chair which has very similar design features to that of the Mountain Trike but the lever drive system has been replaced with an adjustable push handle located behind the user, which is where the steering and braking takes place by the riders buddy and adjustable arm rests have been added for rider comfort.  The MT Push features a strong yet lightweight aluminium chassis to cope with rough terrain, air suspension for a comfy ride and hydraulic disc brakes for excellent all weather control.  Hand rims have been added for rider safety and the ergonomic adjustable seat can be adapted for special requirements.  Again you can choose your own custom coloured frame. 

Mountain Trike Push extra allows others to help when help is needed (Full Size)

The MT Push copes with more challenging terrain and offers inclusive access to those less mobile to explore the beautiful countryside.

Mountain Trike Push being used (Full Size)

The MT Evo is a Mountain Trike adapted for riders with limited hand function and therefore would find it difficult to operate the lever brake system.  The MT Evo has the same excellent all terrain performance to that of the Mountain Trike but a simpler control mechanism.  The brake handle has a simple pivoting handle which operates the disc brakes by moving your arm inwards and when using a gripping aid the system requires no finger function to operate.  The unique direct steering means the rider can steer and drive the Trike with only one arm – pivot left to go left, right to go right – this simple steering gives excellent control for a smooth turn and an easy ride across slopes.  An ergonomic loop gives a great easy to use method to drive engagement.  And as with the other Trikes the MT Evo also has disc brakes for excellent all weather control and air suspension for comfort and safety.

Mountain Trike EVO adapted for riders with limited hand function who'd find it difficult to operate the standard lever drive system (Full Size)

The MT Evo has been developed following customer feedback and is being very well received, Robert from Boston recently received his MT Evo, saying, “I have been trying out the Trike taking it through all kinds of terrains and it has exceeded my expectations, thank you for all your help.”  

Robert using his Mountain Trike EVO in the USA (Full Size)

The Mountain Trike Company is a UK based business and sell direct to customers in the UK, sales in Europe, the USA, Australia and the rest of the world are either direct or through approved distributors.  Trike demonstrations are available and for UK customers there is a short-term hire scheme available.

Take Yourself further and find your ride!

For further information about these amazing off-road wheelchairs please visit the website www.mountaintrike.com or email info@mountaintrike.co.uk.

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